COVID-19 Cleaning

Disinfecting Surfaces

Viruses spread through contact with their droplets.

You can kill these droplets by disinfecting the surfaces they land on, such as tables, doorknobs, phones, keyboards, and many others.

A disinfectant is an antimicrobial agent with the purpose of destroying microorganisms on surfaces.

Typically, a cleaning service such as Chavco Services, Inc. will use high quality disinfectants and cleaning chemicals to kill bacteria, germs, all while making the area look pristine.

This process is no different when it comes to disinfecting the COVID-19 virus.

Let Chavco Services, Inc. help you maintain a healthy working environment for your employees and customers.

Superior Coverage, Superior Disinfecting
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Prepare to Re-Open your Business

Upon returning to the office, you might notice a lot of dust built up on the surfaces.

Not only can these dust particles carry bacteria/germs, but they also don’t look very appealing in an office environment.

The first thing that will need to be done is to clean everything, and the best way to get that job done is by hiring a commercial cleaning service such as Chavco Services, Inc.

Your office can go from looking empty and unsightly to sparkling clean, bright, and welcoming with a service like ours.

This will also properly disinfect and sanitize all surfaces.

Let Chavco Services, Inc. ensure that you have a healthy work environment for your employees.

COVID-19 Workplace Practices

There are different practices you can put in place during this current COVID-19 crisis. Take into consideration which precautions are the best ones for your business to take.

This is the first and foremost precaution you should be taking in the workplace. The COVID-19 virus spreads via contact with its droplets, which are usually dispersed via saliva from sneezing and coughing or through nasal discharge.

The COVID-19 virus spreads via contact with its droplets which are usually dispersed via from sneezing, coughing or through nasal discharge. A person can sneeze on his hand and place his hand on a table. If the table is left unclean, this could increase the risk of infection to others.

This is where disinfecting everything on a regular basis becomes key to the health and safety of everyone.

Wipe and disinfect everything, including:

  • EFT/POS machines
  • Tables & benches
  • Doors and/or handles
  • Computers/keyboards/mouse
  • Items used in the workplace (staplers, pens, printers, etc.)

Hiring a commercial cleaning service, like Chavco Services, Inc. can help ensure that your workplace is properly sanitized and disinfected from COVID-19 and other viruses, germs and bacteria.